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Who am I?

Yemi Orogbemi, Experienced Strategic Financial Planner, Analyst, Controller, and Manager


My 14 yrs. corporate finance experience has included: Accountant (staff & senior), Financial planner & Analyst (junior & Senior), Finance manager and Sales controller.


Through it all I’ve specialized in helping organizations control cost and improve productivity, which included automating financial reporting for Macy’s, Coach, Christie’s, Pace, and Hauser & Wirth and creating financial applications for Macy’s and Coach.

Who I've worked with:


We’re all in business to grow money. The two major secrets to wealth are serving others and saving money. Most businesses know how to generate income but struggle to keep it. Money is powerful, and in business, it’s king. To be successful, we need to know how to control money, or else it will control us. I’ve worked with many owners who confuse sales with wealth. Despite high sales, many businesses still struggle. Wealth is based on savings. So to build wealth, we need to “drive a wedge” between sales and spending. The larger the wedge, the faster wealth grows. 


Cost controlling is a consistent and persistent focus on business costs with the intent of keeping cost low and increasing productivity to increase savings. Large companies understand this. They have an advantage over smaller businesses in that they can afford to hire teams of financial planners that have expertise and experience to effectively build cost management into their culture. Smaller companies often overlook this area of focus and have to be more intuitive in their analysis and decisions.

My mission is to help small businesses build cost controlling into their culture and strategy. We consult with management teams, department managers, key employees, bookkeepers, accountants, and CFOs to build realistic future focused, goal oriented financial plans. 
Together we’ll monitor spending against plan, savings progress, opportunities, risks, and anything else that could have a dramatic impact on the business goals.



Proprietary application

Rulr was designed to enable organizations to have more control over cost. It's simple for non-finance managers, detailed for CFO, and updates 24/7

On the go

Visual Finance

Run Reports

Send Messages


Management Dashboard

At last, you can monitor budget across the entire organization in one locations and 24/7, making it easier than ever to control cost. Spend your valuable time on other critical accounting priorities.

The dashboard give you a birds-eye view of spending across the organization and the ability to drill into the details.

Proactive approach towards cost controlling.

Rulr - TV.png


Rulr would make it possible for department managers to stay on top of their budgets. No more waiting for reports or making decisions on outdated information



Designed for non-finance managers

The uncluttered visual graphic representation of finance was designed with non-finance managers in mind. 

It has every information found on any financial statement but easy to comprehend

Rulr card details.png

Simple reports

Department managers will be able to run simple financial reports without having to disturb the accounting team.


Example of reports that could be generated:

Sales by person
Sales by product
Sales by customer 
Sales by month
Expenses by department 
Expenses by category 
Open receivables 
Bank transactions
And so much more





Simple Charts

Standard charts on-the-go!

The chart can be updated to communicate the same information in different ways.

By month
By department 
By person
By year
By customer 
By product


Rulr Chart.png


Purchase Order Report  

Manual: 20hrs 
Automated: 2hrs
18hrs saved

TV and Radio Advertising Reports:

Manual: 5 days
Semi-automated: 5hrs
5 days saved

Marketing Financial Report:

Manual: 3 days
Semi-automated: 2hrs
3 days saved



Construction Costs Reports:

Manual: 5 days

Automated: 2mins

5 days saved

Procurement Tracking Reports

Manual: 4 days

Semi-automated: 3hrs

4 days saved

Procurement Pick Ticket

Manual: 3 days

Automated: 3hrs

3 days saved

Procurement RFP Analysis

Manual: 5 days

Semi-automated: 1day

4 days saved

      PACE Gallery

P&L and Balance Sheet

Manual: 2 days

Semi-automated: 1hr

2 days saved


Cash Flow Report and Forecast

Manual: 3 days

Automated: 3hr

3 days saved


Sales Flash

Manual: 14hrs

Semi-automated: 2hr

12hrs saved


Open Receivables Report

Manual: 3 days

Semi-automated: 2hr

3 days saved


Budget Monitoring

Manual: 2 days

Automated: 10mins

2 days saved

     Hauser & Wirth

Open position Report

Manual: 24hrs

Semi-automated: 4hrs

20hrs saved

Quarterly GP Report

Manual: 15hrs

Semi-automated: 2hrs

13hrs saved

Monthly Sales Per Person Report

Manual: 16hrs

Semi-automated: 4hrs

12hrs saved

Monthly Sales Per Artists Report

Manual: 10hrs

Semi-automated: 1hrs

9hrs saved

Quarterly Commission Report

Manual: 3 weeks

Semi-automated: 1 week

2 weeks saved

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