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We provide a full-scale, automated solution that takes the burden of the heavy report lifting off your accounting staff and lets them continue to focus on the work they do best. 

Save Time and Focus on What Matters


Improve Report Accuracy


Make More Profitable Decisions

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Who am I?

Yemi Orogbemi

Experienced Strategic Financial Planner, Analyst, Controller, Manager, and Data Scientist

My 17 yrs. corporate finance experience has included: Accountant (staff & senior), Financial planner & Analyst (junior & Senior), Finance manager and Sales controller.

Through it all, I’ve specialized in helping organizations control cost and improve productivity with automation.

My experience includes automated financial reports for Macy’s, Coach, Christie’s, Pace, and Hauser & Wirth; and self-service financial applications for Macy’s and Coach.

Who I've worked with:
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We’re all in business to grow money. The two major secrets to wealth are serving others and saving money. Most businesses know how to generate income but struggle to keep it. Money is powerful, and in business, it’s king. To be successful, we need to know how to control money, or else it will control us. I’ve worked with many owners who confuse sales with wealth. Despite high sales, many businesses still struggle. Wealth is based on savings. So to build wealth, we need to “drive a wedge” between sales and spending. The larger the wedge, the faster wealth grows. 

Our mission:

To empower small businesses with tools to help them control their finances and make sound financial decisions.

At Rulr Consulting, we’re committed to delivering measurable and sustainable results to our clients that help them boost their reputation and bottom line. We help organizations save money and time by freeing up their valuable human resources to work on all other important non-reporting related priorities to keep their organizations running seamlessly. 




Report Automation: 

Do you want reports delivered faster?

Having worked with many organizations over the years, one common frustration shared by most finance departments is the repetitive, time-consuming, manual, and boring tasks of gathering and processing data for reporting. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on an already understaffed finance and IT teams, which in-turn impacts managers’ access to timely information for critical decisions.

~97% of reporting is data processing which consumes 15-24 hours per week. Data cleanup, report modification and analysis can be to a very large extent automated, and we do that with sophisticated programming algorithms, that does the job of an entire reporting team. It’s actually more accurate, and can generate reports in real-time for faster decision making.

Imagine if 70% of your reports could be delivered directly to managers in less than 10 secs (depending on IT infrastructure).

Reports in 10 secs is great but accuracy is more important in finance. For that reason, we created our own data science modules, report server, bug tracker, automated warehouse, automated database, performance monitor, and data governance to ensure and guarantee accurate data and calculations on reports.


Visual Financial Analysis:

Do you sometimes get tired of numbers and spreadsheets?

Finance, similar to technology, is an area where people may be afraid but also feel entitled to exempt themselves from being on its learning path. Whether caused by a lifelong math phobia or an adverse reaction to spreadsheets, it is not uncommon to find people who are intimidated by the idea of having to deal with numbers

A challenge for many finance leaders is finding a way to make numbers come alive for those on the frontline of the organization, and help them embrace numbers as a critical step on the path to achieving the mission of the organization.

Our customized dashboard gives you a clear, easy-to-understand measure of where your business stands. Tailored to your plans, your goals, and relying on clean up-to-date data; our software mirrors your actual financial statements, helping your entire team visually understand what a CFO sees when they “look at the numbers.”

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Real-time data

Automation can process data at super-fast speeds to provide real-time accurate information seconds after request


Fewer fires

Automated reports can provide a proactive approach to risk detection because managers can monitor performance more frequently to spot risky trends

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Save time and money

Automation can reduce the workload for employees who manually create reports and reduce staff utilization



Visual finance, email report request, and Speech Recognition would make it easy for busy managers to self serve reports (no tech skill required). 


Knowledge retention

Automation would also help retain institutional knowledge. Never worry about employees departing with vital information. Automation doubles as process documentation

Automated Self-service Reports

Automation would make it possible for department managers to stay on top of their financials.

No more waiting for reports or making decisions on outdated information

Reports can be accessed via the application or sending an email to a report server.

Easily export data to excel, csv, parquet, and many other data formats

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Automated Visual Financial Analysis

At last, you can monitor the financial health across the entire organization 24/7 in one location, making it easier than ever to control cost.

The dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of finance (P&L, Balance Sheet, Accounting Ratios) across the organization and the ability to drill into the details.

Finally, a proactive approach to cost control.

nemo scoreboard screenshot.png

Designed for non-finance managers

The uncluttered visual graphical representation of finance was designed with non-finance managers in mind. 

It has more information than a financial statement yet easy to comprehend

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Below are the steps to automate your business reports


- Document needs and expectations
- Request a list of reports and a frequency schedule
- Review current reports to identify challenges and opportunities
- Document data and sources
- Document business calculations and variables
- Document manual step-by-step process
- Document security and access
- Identity repetitive steps that could be automated
- Create access to data sources (local or through connectors)
- Automate manual step-by-step process using proprietary software
- Program security model in data warehouse
- Test automation for bugs and stability
- Perform report quality assurance tests
- Limited launch (publish reports to finance team or UAT)
- Compare both manual and automated reports for a few months
- Go-live (publish reports to managers)




The application would be hosted on a local server or computer and IT would be responsible for setting security rules. 

- No internet connection needed
- Report level security implemented at server
- Only registered computers will have access to reports



Accuracy & Support


We guarantee accurate reports and provide on-going monitoring and support

- Software has built-in data bug tracker
- Software performance will be monitored 24/7
- 3 months of extensive daily quality assurance tests
- Weekly quality tests will be performed after 3 months

Past Results


Purchase Order Report  

Manual: 20hrs 
Automated: 2hrs
18hrs saved

TV and Radio Advertising Reports:

Manual: 5 days
Semi-automated: 5hrs
5 days saved

Marketing Financial Report:

Manual: 3 days
Semi-automated: 2hrs
3 days saved



Construction Costs Reports:

Manual: 5 days

Automated: 2mins

5 days saved

Procurement Tracking Reports

Manual: 4 days

Semi-automated: 3hrs

4 days saved

Procurement Pick Ticket

Manual: 3 days

Automated: 3hrs

3 days saved

Procurement RFP Analysis

Manual: 5 days

Semi-automated: 1day

4 days saved

Pace Gallery

P&L and Balance Sheet

Manual: 2 days

Semi-automated: 1hr

2 days saved


Cash Flow Report and Forecast

Manual: 3 days

Automated: 3hr

3 days saved


Sales Flash

Manual: 14hrs

Semi-automated: 2hr

12hrs saved


Open Receivables Report

Manual: 3 days

Semi-automated: 2hr

3 days saved


Budget Monitoring

Manual: 2 days

Automated: 10mins

2 days saved

Hauser & Wirth

Open position Report

Manual: 24hrs

Semi-automated: 4hrs

20hrs saved

Quarterly GP Report

Manual: 15hrs

Semi-automated: 2hrs

13hrs saved

Monthly Sales Per Person Report

Manual: 16hrs

Semi-automated: 4hrs

12hrs saved

Monthly Sales Per Artists Report

Manual: 10hrs

Semi-automated: 1hrs

9hrs saved

Quarterly Commission Report

Manual: 3 weeks

Semi-automated: 1 week

2 weeks saved

Need more details? 


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